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Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue) An ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker with big sound and big battery. With a four speaker array, 10 hours of battery life, and a sleek and stylish design, the G2 can fit neatly in your bag, power your party in the park, and charge your phone on the go. LITTLE BOX, BIG SOUNDThe G2 creates a big pumping sound from its compact stylish casing. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers on the market, our years of experience in electronics and speaker engineering have enabled us to deliver this small and discrete speaker with true party filling lows and crystal clear highs. CONNECT AND PLAY EVERYTHINGAny phone, tablet or laptop enabled with Bluetooth can be paired in seconds, and any devices with Near Field Communication (NFC) can be tapped on the G2 for effortless and instant pairing. G2 X 2The G2 has the option to be wirelessly paired with another G2, this gives you sound twice as powerful, for a party twice as big. You can even put one of the G2s in a different room to spread the music throughout the party! BATTERY LIFE WITH ENDURANCEThe G2 uses a high capacity lithium-ion battery that can play for up to 10 hours from a single charge. In addition, the G2 uses intelligent battery management software to optimise life and minimise charging time so the G2 will last all day and all night.You can also use the convenient USB socket to charge your phone or mp3 player from the G2's own battery on the move, or when it's connected to the mains power at home. SPEAKERPHONE FUNCTIONALITYWith a built-in microphone the G2 can be used to answer and make phone calls from your connected device. If you have an incoming call the phone button will flash and a simple press will answer the call with the G2. If you make a call from a connected device, G2 will automatically switch to speakerphone mode. Ideal for a quick conference calls, or hands-free calls when cooking! Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)
We were leery at first about purchasing this product since there were no reviews at that time, but it was a Cambridge, so we just went with the other reviews on their other products. I'm so glad we did! It's made very well and sounds great! We also have the Bose Bluetooth Soundlink Color and the Cambridge has a better sound quality and longer battery time. My daughter just loves it! I still love my Bose Soundlink Color (especially since it was a gift), but I would prefer this Cambridge Audio G2.
This little speaker is fantastic. I am glad I followed my intuition and decided to purchase a speaker from a company such as Cambridge Audio who is well known for their hi fidelity audio systems. Of course, I was not disappointed when I listened to my music with this speaker, the sound is, as many have said, well balanced. There are few reviews that state that this product does not deliver enough bass, well, I think it is because they are used to listen to music through boom boxes at high volumes and this speaker is far from that. This speaker is meant to be near you, at medium volumes and to listen as background music. It would be naive to seat in front of this speaker to listen carefully a complex jazz piece or symphony, you need to invest much more money if you want to do that. This speaker delivers all the different tones of the musical spectrum within a controlled range, there is low tones, medium tones and high tones, as it should be.In addition to deliver great sound, this speaker is so little that it fits everywhere, it includes a carry pouch and battery lasts for 10 hours. I am amazed on how far technology has gone, this small speaker competes in sound and fidelity with my apple speaker that I bought few years ago which is 5 times bigger and uses 6 D batteries that do not last more than 3 hours.Does this sound like my two thousand dollar hi-fi audio system? Of course not, I would be also naive if I was expecting that. Few nights ago, when I was testing the speaker my wife walked into the room that I use as office and she said 'wow! is the music coming from the new little speaker you bought? It sounds great!' and she concluded 'you always get very good speakers!Read more ?�?
When this device works correctly it sounds great for a speaker this size. Only trouble is it would frequently change (all by itself) from high-end stereo to the hands free telephone playback. The sound is diminished drastically when in the hands-free mode. I couldn't get it to stay as a default in the high-end stereo so I returned it. Too bad because the sound, as I said was terrific when it was in stereo mode
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